Lean-to Greenhouses

What is a lean to greenhouse?

Lean to greenhouses are simply greenhouses that use a wall of your property as their back wall.

They typically feature slanted roofs, with a wooden frame used to ensure the structure is strong.

There are a number of benefits to choosing lean to greenhouses rather than more conventional designs.

If you have a south-facing wall in your garden or are limited on space - such as if your property has a courtyard garden - lean to greenhouses could be the ideal choice.

Like standard greenhouses, lean to greenhouses can be used to cultivate all manner of plants, from flowers to fruits and vegetables.

Here at Growhouse, we offer a range of lean to greenhouses to help you get your garden in order and start planting!

What are the advantages of lean to greenhouses?


Lean to greenhouse
Lean To Greenhouse

When it comes to lean to greenhouses, there are more advantages to such structures than you may think.

Because lean to greenhouses use a wall of your home as their back wall, they are excellent at maintaining their temperature as they can utilise heat escaping from your house.

This could enable you to grow plants that do not normally survive in the cold UK weather, such as grapevines.

You will also find that because lean to greenhouses have a sloped roof, the height at the top of the apex gives you more room to move around in and provides your plants with more vertical space to grow.

Lean to greenhouses can also offer plenty of storage space, as benches can be easily installed. You will also find that because you have one solid wall, you are able to put up wall-mounted shelves - something that is not possible in a conventional greenhouse.

And you will find that no internal supports are required for your lean to greenhouse, giving you plenty of space to manoeuvre inside.


What kind of lean to greenhouses can I buy from Growhouse?


Lean-to greenhouse 6 x 10
Lean-to Greenhouse 6 x 10

Here at Growhouse, all our lean to greenhouses are made using cedar wood for the beams, giving them a durable structure while also being pleasing to look at.

All the fixings are made from stainless steel to provide additional strength; while the glass is toughened to ensure it can withstand the elements.

You will also be able to choose where the door of your lean to greenhouses is fitted as we supply all our greenhouses with identical ends enabling you to set it up to meet your requirements.

In addition, all our lean to greenhouses are fitted with two roof and two side vents, giving you more control over the temperature of your greenhouse by improving ventilation.

Our lean to greenhouses come with a ten-year guarantee, as do all our greenhouses, so you can rest assured that you will only be provided with a structure made from the highest quality materials.

And your lean to greenhouse will be delivered in separate panels, making the installation process relatively simple.

If you have any questions about our lean to greenhouses, or any of our other products, you can phone us and speak to one of our friendly team - or to place an order.

You can also complete the purchase of your lean to greenhouse online or request a brochure for further details about the products in our range.


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