Growhouse Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lead-time from ordering a greenhouse to delivery?
We usually work to 28 days although there are times of the year, like Spring, when this may extend slightly. Having placed an order we can hold the greenhouse until you are ready.

How much is the greenhouse delivery?
Delivery on all our greenhouses is free of charge to anywhere in Mainland UK.

What base is recommended for the greenhouse?
Once ordered we send you a plan showing the footprint size for the greenhouse. This recommends a simple concrete footing with a single course of bricks on top. However it is possible to construct our greenhouses on well laid level flagstones or a concrete pad.

Can I divert rainwater from the greenhouse to a water butt?
No problem. All our greenhouses come with guttering and downpipes. The downpipes have a standard external diameter of 40mm, which is a common wastewater pipe size. Pushfit connectors are readily available to channel water from the greenhouse to your tank.

How does the greenhouse arrive?
The gables on all our greenhouses arrive complete – saving you a lot of time when constructing on site. Please be aware when ordering your greenhouse that the gables are quite large. The toughened safety glass arrives on the same lorry and has no sharp edges for ease of handling. We are happy to unload the greenhouse and store it safely for you

How easy are the greenhouses to erect?
Since a large proportion of our greenhouses come in panels it is much simpler to erect than cheap alternatives. We send comprehensive instructions, which are easy to follow. All the glass is held in place with a capping system, which is screwed in place. There are no fiddly clips or messy putty to worry about.

How should I treat the cedar?
Cedar is naturally resilient and can be left to silver down. However you may wish to prolong its already extensive life by brushing it with a stain or oil once a year. Cedar takes oils and stains readily. Boiled linseed oil is easy to apply and recommended.

How do the automatic vent openers work?
These optional extras are wax filled pistons that react to the temperature. When it is warm during the summer months the wax in the pistons expands pushing a piston up that opens the vents. Similarly as the temperature drops the wax contracts and the greenhouse vents shut.


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