Aluminium Greenhouses

An aluminium-framed greenhouse remains the most popular choice of greenhouse among gardeners. Aluminium is an excellent choice for a domestic greenhouse frame and offers different benefits to the gardener, compared to a wooden greenhouse equivalent. Perhaps the most noteworthy merit of an aluminium greenhouse is that it requires very little upkeep. Aluminium greenhouses, especially if powder coated, are very long lasting and simple to keep clean. A simple hose down in the winter can restore it to almost new – rather like cleaning your car – except with a greenhouse once a year is enough !

Green is the most popular choice of colour for powder coating aluminium greenhouses. A ‘green’ greenhouse blends in with most garden settings. In some instances you may choose to have the aluminium greenhouse powder coated in white – such is the attractive design. Aluminium greenhouses are also noted for their strength. Look first at growhouse and you will see that no other aluminium greenhouse compares for quality,strength and price. Many cheaper greenhouses, and in some instances more expensive brands, require cross bracing to make the greenhouse rigid. Not the growhouse – this is British engineering at its best.

So what makes a growhouse aluminium greenhouse so strong ?

•All the aluminium that we use in the production of our greenhouses is manufactured to British Standards -BS1474.
•Many sections of the greenhouse are riveted together and we employ welding to parts of the greenhouse to add further strength.
•The glass is secured to the greenhouse by an aluminium capping which captures the glass on all four sides – there’s no cheap clips on this greenhouse.
•All fixings are high grade solid stainless steel.
•The greenhouse construction - we follow precise engineering standards employing skilled toolmakers and fabricators.
•The design – our technical knowledge in designing greenhouses goes back 70 years. You will not find a better designed aluminium greenhouse at this price.





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